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November 13th, 2007, 18:58
Well, as to game. To tell the true I don't care of it. We've already reviewed it and gave it 7.3. With remarks like "it's bad made, with dull game mechanic and combat system, poorly optmized and balanced, but really interesting game". I havent played it yet (and not sure i'm gonna play it tbh), but my fellow reviewer told me, that "interesting" mainly regarded to game plot…

But i'd like to talk about the book. Strugatsky brothers are my favorite authors in the world literature. I like almost all their books (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was inspired by one of them btw), but so called Noon Universe series is what makes them especial. It's not just a standart science fiction, but some kind of futurology. They didn't write another utopian story, but created a really superb futuristic model of humankind by means of literature.

Alas, most people just don't understand it. Especially outside of Russia where atheistic and materialistic way of thinking isn't very popular. But it's not only about atheism and materialism. Modern civilization has the only idea and the only true god - money. It'd be hard to expect from people to understand Strugatsky…

BTW comunists didn't like Strugatsky either. Noon Universe wasnt even close to orthodox marxian point of veiw which is dominated in Soviet ideology. The Strugatsky oeuvre is much closer to something you can name as "humanism"… Hard To Be a God is an example of early period of Noon Universe series. I'd recommend you to read Prisoners of Power (Habited Island in Russian), Beetle in the Formicary, and Waves Extinguish the Wind. But not sure have the last two been translated to English…

PS Noon Universe is unoficial series name. There is no any oficial tho… It was named after the first series book "Noon. XXII Century" by fans.
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