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November 5th, 2006, 13:50
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Horses for courses but not only was that review poorly written, not only was it contradictory, not only did it hedge it's opinion with a disclaimer at the end, it assumed all roleplaying games should really be Microsoft Fantasy Simulator 2006.
Har. The problem is that no-one will admit a game he doesn't like into his definition of an RPG. Like me*, the author finds that the character sheet bookkeeping impedes the type of play he enjoys, so he defines role-playing in a way that excludes it. (Psh more like RULE-playing LOL.) Here at the 'Watch, we don't like action games, so under no circumstances can we discuss Diablo without a dozen idiots chiming in with "that's not an RPG!" If everyone understood that the term means different things to different people, and no-one has the correct definition, then people like Matt would allow that the D20 ruleset equals roleplaying for millions of gamers, and he might spare us his painfully overwritten screeds.

*Until yesterday. I never made it out of BG2's starter dungeon, and played an arcane spellcaster in NWN for the first time the other day. And… do you remember the first time you cast a maximized Ice Storm? How loudly did you cheer? :)
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