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November 5th, 2006, 13:58
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
There are obvious problems with old school games which are very clear, while the minority disagree the on principal, the majority of game buyers do agree. […]
They are designed specifically for a very small minority of people willing to go to an all you can eat banquet of ideas and being forced to abide by everyone of them.
Most gamers want to be able to choose functions that fit their play style or limited playtime verses RL, some playing for fun might not have the time or be looking for an overwhelming experience of micromanagement.
Sounds like you are arguing about what is popular, rather than necessarily better. Action represents the largest segment in gaming. It's no surprise that an action game with light RPG elements (potentially) crosses over into the larger action market…but that doesn't necessarily make it a better RPG. Right? The Sims is very popular - doesn't mean every game should be the Sims. Britney Spears is popular - thank god all music isn't only like that.

On micromanagement, you said:

Next you often are forced to micro manage everything, is this always bad, of course not, what is bad?
Its the fact that you can't choose to avoid it, old school forces everything, all at once down everyone’s throat whether they want it or not.
Let me quote from Matt's review, that you said you agree with:

Oh, boy -- there's the portrait "plus" sign! Time to shuffle another party member (improved to four simultaneous) through the level-up grinder, which you can click "recommend" to zip past…but then, what's the point?
So, you can can avoid some of the micromanagement but then the reviewer complains "but then, what's the point?" Contradictory, much?
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