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November 5th, 2006, 13:12

I don't really understand this info/news sinde I know from varius European
Gothic 3 sites that Jowwod doesn't have any money - or at least not that much money….

This is why, according to the German Gothic 3 boards, that Jowood 'pressured' Piranha Bytes into releasing Gothic 3 way too early -
to get (a lot) of money.

Until further notice, I will remain skeptical of this/info news.

If it should be true, then I fear for The Adventure Company's fate (or or destiney). I hold it to be true that Jowood as a publisher for at least the last decade didn't hold any real interest in the adventure genre as such.

I just don't hope that Jowood only buys Dreamcatcher as a means to get
a profit on the bottom line, meaning that it will use Dreamcatcher's earnings
to cover is own financial losses.

From a strategic business perspective it is of course good news. This enables both Dreamcatcher as well as Jowood to release games at the same time - both in Europe and in the Northamerican market.




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