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November 13th, 2007, 23:35
Originally Posted by Arma View Post
What I read was that while both Bio and Pandemic would become EA studios, they would be still more like independant working. At least for the time being - since Bio at least has at least half a dozen games under development (not ones I actually care about) with various publishers. Probably the single title affected most by this acquisition is Dragon Age, and probably for some degree of the good to it - it may see light of day in 2008 (or ever to put it other words. Its been around for like forever now and little to no meaningful information is available on it) since EA may try to force them to put it out quickly.
It seems to me that Dragon Age has been on Bioware's back burner for nearly 4 years now. My guess is that under EA it will either be canceled or reimaged into a 360 game. At this point, we can still hope that the game is further along and they've just been under a self-imposed black out to concentrate on the ME PR Blitz. I guess we'll know the answer to that by E3.




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