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November 14th, 2007, 01:49

If you read the Bioware forums you will say the game Mass Effect is shipped to main stores e.g. retail stores like K-Mart, and Walmart. Some lucky gamers have already gotten the game…but the threads where gamers talk about this thing have been removed from the Bioware boards.

As for EA, Bioware and Pandemic I think EA will let Bioware and Pandemic continue with their independent ways….having a stern look at how they manage their finances. The problem with the Origin developers that EA supported financially seemed to be that they hadn't seen so much before, so they just went crazy with the money and spent it all at once or nearly at once. Bioware and Pandemic are much better managed companies financially. I know from my own financial situation
that it is really easy to spend all the money you have for a month at once, and that it takes some manegerial skills to NOT do this e.g. spent all the money you have at once.

I don't think Microsoft is reluctant to work with EA. Hellgate: London was published under the Games for Windows license, wasn't it. I don't know about the hooker thing, but the wine & dine thing seems about right, though.
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