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November 5th, 2006, 15:47
"Sounds like you are arguing about what is popular, rather than necessarily better "
Not really my point was mostly the way I believe development has turned and why.
While SS2 was popular to a certian extent it wasn't a blockbuster, it was a critical success though, don't think there is any question about that.
I mostly was refering to the problems with old school that prevent it from being sucessful enough for Devs to continue making them based on the things I listed.

"but that doesn't necessarily make it a better RPG. Right?"
Yes you are correct afaik.
The hard part as others have mentioned is at least getting some form of general consensus much less a concise definition or meaning of what is an RPG, then what will it take to be sucessful enough to make a second game, third and fourth game?

"Let me quote from Matt's review, that you said you agree with:"
I guess what I said could be inturpted as agreeing with him, though I really feel like I said, I understand some of the things he was refering too and I did agree with some things.
There, he seems to be talking about leveling up, which is almost so second nature for any RPG even hybrids and the things I listed as problems don't really relate to basic leveling and stats.
Also my refernce to micromanagment was part of why hardcore/old school RPGs cant make enough to stay in business.
It seems they either have to do it with a very small team as a labor of love or try to make enough changes to sell enough to continue in bussiness.

I really only intended to state what seems like facts (well to me) about the way the industry makes so many hybrid RPGs and why.
I certianly don't like the way things are, it wasn't intend to be a cheer for the industry or my delusion of the way things should be.

"So, you can can avoid some of the micromanagement but then the reviewer complains "but then, what's the point?" Contradictory, much?"
Well not sure if you mean him or me but as I metion I think he was refering to leveling up, a standard at least to me.
I didn't reread but iir, he was refering to companions and there annoyances, so he didn't really care about them enough to bother.

As I mentioned my biggest problem is I can't control [order my companions to stop, stay and stfu (hehe)] my companions which is a huge head ache.

When referenced Gothic, it wouldn't/isn't as big a problem as I cared about Gothic, I feel like part of it [heh, maybe I am deluded ].
Example when I made it to Vanguard, the music started with the haunting beauty of the solo voice, basicly made me well up a tear of joy.

NWN2 could be the greatest game every made, I just don't feel it yet and I don't recall I have critized anyone because they do feel it with NWN2.
Also I am not attacking old school or hardcore, I was trying to be realistic maybe I was just doing a crappy job.

"I LIKE action-RPGs"
Me too and I do like RPGs, as you mentioned I guess its most what an indiviualis looking for or enjoys.
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