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November 17th, 2007, 07:32
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
Edit- Finally got to listen to your clip, Sammy. While there's a pretty big disjoint between the classical work and your usual death metal at first blush, the operatic female vocals (without the bluster of true opera) runs strongly thru both. Do you differentiate on the vocals, though? For me, I can give you vocals that are achingly beautiful (Suzanne Perry in the above clips fits the bill, among others), or I can give you vocals that make love to my ears (Harriet Wheeler of the Sundays and Kaitlyn ni Donovan of the High Violets would fit), but I've never heard a voice that truly belongs in both categories. I wonder if you run into a similar situation, although your "divisions" would probably be different.
I'd have to say that a true classical singer who has elevated her voice to an almost supernatural level (such as Mary Ann) can of course do both, when not even really knowing what the hell she's saying can still make your heart melt. You still know youre listening to something really special, difficult, something that's amazing. Her voice is the essence of femininity. That's the double whammy of skill and emotion right there, but "classical metal" vocals and true classical soprano are two totally different leagues of course, minor and major respectively.

Still looking for the metal dame that can do both, havent found her yet!
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