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November 5th, 2006, 17:49
Would a troll cut travelers some slack if they figured out that you could actually just wade through the river to the other side? I mean you can see the troll under the bridge.. its RIGHT THERE. You know its there, it knows you are there, you both know that other knows that you are there.

traveler: "umm troll?"
troll: "…"
traveler: "don't pretend you aren't there. Im looking right at you"
troll: "im a rock"
traveler: "rocks dont talk"
troll: "doh"
traveler: "yeah.. anyways can i cross this bridge?"
troll: "if you want"
traveler: "just like that?"
troll: "well if you try i'll eat you"
traveler: "ah, i figured as much. what if I pay you?"
troll: "i could get the money anyways if i eat you. You cant bribe me"
traveler: "hmm… and if i just cross the river here to the left of the bridge?"
troll: "hmm… I suppose you could try that. If the current pushes you under the bridge though, i'll eat you."
traveler: "fair enough.. hey wait.. what if i cross here to the right, downstream?"
troll: "hmm.. actually I hadn't thought of that. Hang on lemme check my guide"
*pulls out the bridge trolls handbook and begins to thumb through*
troll: "hmm… demons.. dervishes… dinturans.. dragons… hmm… the handbook doesn't seem to cover anything about downstream"
traveler: "so i could cross downstream?"
troll: "oh, heres something under C for chasing.. bleh, Im not chasing anyone downstream"
traveler: "so you are an unmotivated troll?"
troll: "ah dont get me started…"
traveler: "well ok, Ill cross over there then. Good luck with the bridge thing"
troll: "alright.. try not to splash too much though. Im gonna take a nap"

.. It could happen, right?
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