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November 5th, 2006, 22:15
Tomb Raider Legend - Xbox
Been a long time since Ive played a console title, but I was drawn to this one for some reason. Im glad I was, liking it quite a bit. Forgot how much fun bouncing Lara all over the place and exploring old ruins was!

NwN II: Havent really played it. Installed, updated, and good to go, but Im doing the usual day of agonizing over my character's class, race, etc. Playing Tomb Raider whilst I think about it. Thinking of a Wood Elf Ranger or Aasimar Paladin, torn in my decision.

WH40K: DOW - dabbling in this one atm, late-campaign, but still recovering from eye surgery so I'm kinda chillin on the RTS thing right now. I really need to finish this one up and get Winter Assault and Dark Crusade going. Im thinking Mark of Chaos is looking pretty good, seen a good preview or two that are actually making me think it aint gonna be bad.

Im going to come back to Spellforce II some day, it's on ice for now for some reason, I cant get motivated to play it lately. If I do get in the mood for RTS and my eyes are feeling up to it, I end up playing Warhammer, it's just so superior RTS-wise IMHO. I like Spellforce II, but the RTS controls in my opinion are just so lacking!
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