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November 5th, 2006, 22:28
Dark Messiah! I'm so glad I made it past those spiders… looks like I grew less arachnophobic these days: I could hardly bear to see the Arena, Thief, LoL and Hexen 2 spiders, yet this time around repeatedly shouting 'go away'did the trick. So far I like the game; especially the guards seem to be just as charming as the Arx ones, but I must admit I'm a bit peeved about the Mistress of the Obvious. I mean, come on, the game seems to be cheesecake already, so why waste energy on explaining things which need no explanation? In Strife you had a loudmouthed, invisible female guide, too, but Blackbird didn't get on my nerves the way Xana does. But, hey, I'm used to playing without a sound card, so I just turned off sound. Deaf gaming teaches you to keep your eyes peeled… an invaluable lesson for shooters a la CS ^_^.
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