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November 6th, 2006, 00:20
@xSamHainx: TR Legend was a lot of fun (I still have to finish it, believe I'm at the Kazachstan level), they did a lot of things right again after messing up the Dark Angel *shudder*. I played Legend on my new PC and was impressed with the "next-gen" graphics. But more importantly gameplay was balanced, diverse and fun. And it has Lara in a tight suit…….
Aasimar Paladin? If lawful good alignment was candy we would all be visiting the dentist right now just by looking at that character……doesn't it limit the roleplaying to just doin' the right thing all the time?

@Jaz: I'm hesistant toward Dark Messiah. I don't like them hijacking the name of one of my favorite franchises (bad reason) and I'm afraid it's a shooter disguised in RPG cloth (better reason?). And it also got spiders…..not big on them either
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