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November 6th, 2006, 00:40
@slam: I usually like it when a franchise is expanded.
Just think of Earthsiege… a simple mecha game bloomed into a universe filled with more mecha games, RTS/RBTs and MP shooters. Just keeping a tab on Bioderms was great fun. So I don't see why a shooter couldn't be enrichening the MM franchise. Apart from that, I have a soft spot for fantasy shooters/action adventures: IMO Battlespire was, despite the bugs, a valuable addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise, and the Towers of Darkness compilation recently toppled the original Doom series as my most replayed games of all times (calculating: Heretic came out in '94; I played the game at least twice a year since then, which would make 24 bouts minimum).
I'm also one of those folks who squealed with glee when Vincent from FFVII appeared in Ehrgeiz, and Raiden from MK made an appearance in Unreal Championship… yay to franchise crossover!

Despite all this, I understand your fears of something you cherish being ruined by an unworthy sequel/expansion. I guess they are similar to my fears when I heard there was an official sequel to Wolf3D in the making (fears unfounded, as I liked RtCW a lot), or when I heard of Doom 3 (which I didnt like), or Quake 4 (which I found to be a worthy sequel of Q2 despite several shortcomings). And I *know* I'd feel just like you if they announced a Realms of the Haunting RTS ^_^.
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