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November 20th, 2007, 22:58
Originally Posted by Squeek View Post
Exactly. SEC filings need to be correct (or the people who sign off on them risk jail), so Atari's latest filings can be taken to the bank (literally). I suppose it may just be the difference between indicating a transaction and actually completing it. In other words, that injection of $5 mill isn't cast in stone and isn't certain enough to report to the SEC.
I think it's more likely that it was made after the Q2 results (or whatever they were) were released. Ie, they lost the $7m or so, that was the financial result - the action taken was then the CEO leaving and the licensing of the TD franchise. But I only made the point to contest the gamesindustry.biz article which seemed to suggest Infogrames had washed their hands of the US branch - I don't think anything of the sort has happened.

Originally Posted by DarNoor View Post
What affect will this have on The Witcher? Wasn't Atari the publisher?
Nill effect. Atari Inc will still continue to distribute it in North America.

Atari Europe who had more to do with The Witcher are a different company altogether, and are wholly privately owned by Infogrames. As such we can't know their results exactly, but they don't seem to be having the same troubles - Infogrames seems to do better in the European market.
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