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November 21st, 2007, 20:35
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
The monster AI I don't accept at all - spawn, run at player.
That's a gross oversimplification. Of course that does happen. It's an aRPG after all. However, here's a sample of some of what I'm talking about that, in combination, separates DL from most of the pack, imho:

1) wolves pacing and waiting for the opening to strike
2) slimes slinking away to hide because I was pelting them from above where they couldn't get to me
3) monsters doing some great path finding to get to me through a rather complex maze of passageways rather then just sitting on the other side of an obstacle while I pincushion them, like most aRPG's do
4) monsters using melee combos, spells, special attacks (bad breath, anyone?)and multiple kinds of attacks per single monster type to keep you off balance rather than just being one trick ponies
5) a single thief in a gang stealing your money and running away so that you have to chase him through the gauntlet of his gang to get your money back before he disappears
6) rats overwhelming you in swarms jumping over each other to keep you in stun-lock
7) monsters blocking and counter-attacking effectively
8) groups of giant spiders trying to surround you by having one of them actually leap over the top to land behind you
9) ranged attackers switching to melee weapons when you close, and then back to bows when they get some distance
10) vicious fish following you up onto land to continue the attack after you've left the water (just kidding, of course… )

and so on. Lots of great variety. Have yet to come across a real-time aRPG that presented me with so much tactical variety in my opponents. For instance, TW and, much moreso, G3 aren't nearly as fun as DL in the combat department.

Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
The character development system looks interesting but really isn't that good. I'll accept some people might like making combinations like Deathlord/Warlock/Shaolei Master but, apart from the fact that these combinations don't make much sense, there's a whole bunch of silly breadth and no depth. For example, let's say you want to be some sort of heavy fighter - have a look at how many different attacks you'll actually have over the course of the entire game. It's just a system where Bradley dazzles people by throwing in every class name he can think of without a skill system of any depth to back it up.
This, of course, is somewhat a matter of taste, but I think quite the opposite. The character development system is pretty streamlined, which I like. I find most games suffer from packing in too much stuff (quests, skills, races, land mass, monster types that are just re-colored and re-named repeats, etc.) that, under the covers, just doesn't have enough differentiation and ends up feeling like filler. I really like that each class only gives you access to one or maybe two new skills plus bonuses to learn on a couple more. This, combined with what I think is a brilliant use of XP for buying skill levels that you can do between levels and is even in danger of being lost should you be killed, makes for one of the more compelling and different development systems I've come across. Certainly not the usual aRPG retread.

While your anger/bitterness/whatever is certainly justified given the ridiculously bad handling of the pre-release hype, the incomplete release itself, and the final insult of the CE, it may be coloring your opinion of the game's own merits . Just a thought…
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