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November 21st, 2007, 22:30
The spawn rate was the most annoying factor, yes. The mechanics were vastly inferior compared with the first Gothics, but still better than Two Worlds. Overall it always seemed as an RPG-lite, to be played when there is nothing better to do. I will redownload the demo and maybe I'll give it another shot during Christmas or sometime next year.

What bothers me the most about DL2 is that they are going multi-platiform (same with Gothic 4). Jowood has a history of releasing a number of good (albeit buggy) games. I understand their recent change of policy as a drop in the quality of their future titles. Maybe that was one of the reasons they couldn't reach an agreement with PB? And it's not just PB, several other major studios as well. Jowood desperately needs brand recognition right now and that should be the reason behind the development of DL2; bad publicity is still publicity.
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