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November 22nd, 2007, 00:16
I'm sure my view is coloured.

I simply don't recall any of that subtlety in AI -- whether that's my memory or something we early buyers of DL just didn't get, I don't know.

I stand by my comments on the character system. An action/RPG often relies on new and varied attacks / animations / combos to keep the action interesting. Like almost every RPG, magic adds some depth (look at Eschalon - the combat could hardly be simpler but if I'm playing a mage, I suddenly have 40 spells to potentially play with) - but if I don't want some crazy multi-path character, what depth do I get? As I said before, if I choose to play as, say, a heavy fighter, how many combat options do I get over the life of the game? The XP system is interesting but one element doesn't make the whole thing work.

I guess it might help if you played a version where the full range of skills and options actually worked. I didn't.

If you guys enjoyed it, I obviously can't argue with that but you're in the relative minority. Nothing wrong with that - the people that share my interest in Spiderweb probably number just a few hundred - but the character system didn't make it work for a large chunk of people.
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