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November 22nd, 2007, 13:03
Originally Posted by Lord Alex View Post
I completely agree with this statement and I agree that the man should get compensated appropriately for what he's produced. I'm just wondering if a) the content is superior (story, dialogue, art assets, etc.) than what is available in a free-to-play NWN1/NWN2 module,
I've personally never warmed to the NWN engines, and am not hugely keen on the DND rulesets (although v3.5 isn't bad) so for me a new game set in a totally new IP with new rules to play with and discover more about is always going to be more exciting than another module in NWN.

So far the dialogue's been good, the gameplay interesting and the visual aspects I've enjoyed, they may be clearly of an earlier generation than NWN2 but I find that perspective easier to follow than NWN2 (where I generally end up moving the camera around to imitate that kind of view so it looks crap anyway).
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