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November 22nd, 2007, 16:15
Originally Posted by MudsAnimalFriend View Post
Curse of the Azure Bonds was available on the C64. It took about five minutes to load a battle map from my 5" drive
It's been so long I thought it was on DOS…It's like when I first played ultima 3 it was for commodore but I believe by ultima 5 I was using DOS. So I tend to mix them up sometimes. Same goes with the gold boxes. POR or what I called it when it first came out Pool of RAD-ience (I was 12 rad was still cool to say) that came out for the commodore but I believe I played the dragonlance trilogy, hillsfar and secrets of the silver blade on DOS. So they came out right as the commodore was dying and DOS was taking over. Sorry about that…ok now I'm getting nastalgic…gotta load POR after Eschalon.
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