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November 6th, 2006, 01:49
@Jaz: Wow, you are sure one heck of a Heretic veteran! Can you play the game by heart like that guy who beat all 256 levels of Pac-man? I probably have to take an A level in speaking console, because sadly half of the games you refer to in your post are at best known to me by name I was already getting exasperated by the sheer amount of PC games I still have to play!
I also think Bethesda is succesful in the transgenre expansion of their franchise, Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind true freeform RPG, Battlespire combat-RPG, Redguard action-platformer (remember that one? It was optimised for Voodoo cards…..bad investment) and Oblivion…..well I can't peg that one just yet but action-oriented is part of the description probably. So I'm not against that. And if Dark Messiah brings new life to the franchise and leads to a proper RPG again, far from me to complain obviously. It's all in the expectation factor anyway, if you expect a proper deep RPG you probably will get disappointed, if you expect a shooter and get some RPG to go with that, it's a pleasant surprise. I'm thinking if I can name another franchise that has done transgenre and succeeded in it. There should be more?
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