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November 24th, 2007, 19:14
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I don't have homebrew capability for either PSP or DS, but from what I see … while the PSP gets all the buzz, the DS seems to have more cool stuff going on …

Oh, and Panzer Tactics is wonderful hex-grid TBS stuff …
Sorry about the lag, and offtopicishness(to everyone else), but I like to have my devices capable of reading, and alot of the homebrew stuff has at least basic text file reading capability, and most of them support HTML/XHTML as well. They're a little rough around the edges in not having very good bookmarking capabilities though, and the fact that leaving a homebrew app presently requires a soft reset or power cycle.

The web browsing capability isn't too bad either with DSOrganize's builtin browser. I also tried out the Okiwi browser but it need ALOT of work yet as it couldn't render much CSS yet. (DSOrganize's a pretty good general organizer as well.)

PSP: Yeah, I was almost swayed by it's specs the days leading up to my DS Lite purchase, but I went and checked out the homebrew efforts for both and found(as expected by virtue of user base) that the Nintendo scene had much more on the ball, not mention really getting the PSP to do anything useful required flashing of the firmware which just seemed kind of iffy, especially since there doesn't seem to be a good recovery mode yet. (although I see that someone is working on it ATM, but I don't think that it'll be a simple/cheap solution)

note the mention of the game mechanics… They were different, and appeared to be an attempt at introducing complexity to the game, but were never fully fleshed or completely bug fixed which sort of defeated the purpose to an extent IMO. i.e. if they really do something using the same or even more complex mechanics, a better engine, and a more fully finished/polished product, I'm there. I'm really really really tired of genero-ARPGs like TQ, DS2, etc. I mean Depths of Peril was the only ARPG IMO since DL that tried to do anything different or managed to even do something different(the rest may have claimed to try, but in the end they were just cheap-with-updated-grafix-Diablo-II-clones-sans-randomly-generated-areas. I happen to like randomly generated dungeons myself as it increases playability for me, excepting D2 which just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason, probably because I HATE being forced to choose preset characters from a limited selection, and then adding in tiny skill "trees".)

Story: generic fantasy stuff here

Engine: The engine was OK, I thought, just needed some more time in the over to finish updating and bug fixing it. IIRC it's an updated version of the same engine that he used for W&W.

Content: This is where they really blew, as even the CE felt pretty empty of NPCs and generic backdrop props that usually fill out areas. Monster mobs were about the only that was there in abundant supply.
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