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November 6th, 2006, 05:02
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Nosferatu - introducing my kids (and wife) to some classics. Last month it was Metropolis, now this! Truly great, still chilling. Got it before Halloween, watched it again this morning and send it back (Netflix) tomorrow.
Good one, I love that old flick! There's a good modern movie with Willem Dafoe (as nosferatu!) and John Malkovich doing sort of an alternate-reality "what if the actor playing Nosferatu was really a vampire?" type story. It's called "In the Shadow of the Vampire", I highly recommend it! In my top ten fave flicks of all time as a matter of fact.

Slow movie weekend for me, only saw two.

'twas alright I guess. One of those movies where the first half is great, and the second half totally blows. Halle Berry plays a shrink who ends up being locked up in her own psyche ward, supposedly after murdering her husband. She just wakes up there after an accident and is clueless, also being haunted by a ghost to boot. Just a disjointed, weird movie that starts out with a bang and ends with a whole lottle "yeahhhh righht!" moments. I almost turned it off.

Rob Zombie hosted this flick on Turner Classic Movies "Underground" show. It was pretty good, freaky 70's film about seperated siamese twin sisters, one of which is a psychopath. Or is she? After a nosy neighbor thinks she sees sister#1 commit a murder, she calls the cops, they find no evidence, and the cat-and-mouse murder mystery begins as she digs deep and finds the truth about the sisters. There's a hardcore acid-trippy scene in which she's captured and sedated, and I have to say that was pretty awesome. A nice psychodrama cult film Im glad I finally saw, but I dont think it's worth buying on DvD or anything.

I still need to see "A Boy and His Dog", really been wanting to see that one!
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