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November 27th, 2007, 05:10
I wouldn't call despising turn based combat a minor issue but we'll let that go.

I'm about to go on a rant, but before I do so, let me make it clear that what I have to say is strictly my own personal opinion and in no way reflects the position of the site or anyone else involved in it.

I have absolutely no respect for this review for the following reasons:

1. The reviewer couldn't be bothered to finish the game.

2. The reviewer spent more time extolling his personal game philosophy, personal moral high ground and how the game failed to meet it within the ten hours of play he so generously spent with it than he did impartially discussing game or story elements.

3. Not surprisingly from someone bringing such baggage to a review, and playing it for such a short time, the reviewer completely missed the point of the game, and exaggerated every possible negative element to support his preconceived notions.

4. The whole thrust of the review is an attempt to play up the faults while ignoring the rest of the game and actually sounds silly at times "Sometimes Geralt becomes transparent, Sometimes I click on the wrong person by mistake because of the poor interface, sometimes I don't know what's going on and it's the game's fault…" Yeesh.

5. Some of it is just not true. How on earth can you operate the controls so as to have Geralt tripping over the ground? "In game, however, he has trouble navigating around large plants, small ledges, piles of rubble and slight rises in the ground level. I eventually learned to avoid running through grasslands, low hanging branches and small hills, but it was frustrating to need to worry about it." WTF???

I'm an old woman and I can run on top of the windmill without pausing for breath.

I don't understand this take at all, but it's too bad 10 hours into a great game enables someone to pan it so thoroughly and so cluelessly.

Okay, enough already--end rant--(exclusively my own, I reiterate and not the opinions of RPGWatch.)

Well of course, you have a right to your opinion Corvus, and may you someday meet a really good rpg--from your list apparently there aren't too many worth suffering through. You have completely missed the point of this game and that's your loss. Not everyone is going to love The Witcher. The game isn't perfect, and it isn't the Second Coming. But neither is it the unpolished mess this review tries to make it appear.
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