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November 27th, 2007, 10:09
Well, I wrote some crappy reviews by myself from time to time. But only seeing ten hours of a game that took me about 120 hours to complete - he cannot have seen much of the story then, can he?

What remains a problem, however, is when Geralt is surround by enemies, the engine confuses who you're trying to attack; usually if you try to attack the person in front of Geralt, you actually end up selecting the enemy behind him. So instead of following through on a combo, Geralt will begin to slowly turn to face the new target. Given that each successful attack slows a character down, this becomes a very frustrating problem. Moving the camera up and back helps alleviate the issue, but it still serves to make the combat feel sluggish and unresponsive.
Never had such problems. Usually when you're surrounded in combat you just switch to group mode and there's no problem with enemy selection. And while focusing on single targets it's always a good idea to use the pause function (I guess you can also do that in games like NWN which he likes obviously). So with this little paragraph the guy shows that he has not the slightest anticipation … not only for the reviewed game but the whole genre. Should have stayed with his PnP group(s)…

Opinions on games always differ. For me Geralts appearance on the LCD screen was the best CRPG experience since the first Gothic game.
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