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November 27th, 2007, 12:11
I have been playing occasionally since the last winter and got addicted again when that new version was released a while ago. Z-levels added lots of new depth to the game (no pun intended) but they have also been a source of minor annoyance to me when I have thought that I found a perfect starting location and then the ground elevation is completely wacky. I wouldnt mind the challenge brought by that so much if the caravan and immigrant spawn locations would be somehow predictable, but as far as I'm aware they arent. It's not so big issue now that the vagon speed was increased, but it would be nice to know from the beginning.

I'm still in the process of re-learning all the finer points of the game, and so far my new fortresses have been dismal failures for being boring and unimaginative (mostly as a result for playing it too safe) and I have ended up abandoning them for various reasons - best one so far because a crash lost me nearly five hours of progress, and I didnt feel like re-engraving my huge legendary dining hall and re-smelting a metric shitton of gold and steel again. (Seasonal autosave is enabled now, thank you very much.)

I think it's the time to start on a sinister glacier and face the true horrors that the game can throw at you. Aside from a titan that got shot by sieging goblins I havent had much of that yet.
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