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November 27th, 2007, 13:54
Ok, I read it too, while I don't/didn't have trouble with the voice acting or the running/stumbling over objects and the sexual situations are completely by choice, well at least one happens as the story progression at the start of chapter 3, I have made it to chapter 4 and maybe the lone RPGWatch forum member whom has had all the other problems he list and many many many more.

So here's my little rant, I know it's a shock me ranting.

These things are happening, maybe many of you are just lucky and there is only a minority of us whom are plagued with problems, so I envy you guys.

Things like, constantly breaking quest (I can list them, if anyone is interested otherwise I won't bore you), the camera will NOT lock behind Geralt (DAMN IT) and since Cd Projekt didn't/hasn't/won't (?) make buildings, tress or all object go transparent when they are between you and Geralt my camera is constantly change views turning me around in typical city streets and narrower, but not the bigger open areas.
That's the short list, even excluding the Loading issues.

I go out of my way to support many smaller independent developers and games, with dollars and time on their forums, so I have no disrespect for Cd Projekt as a matter of fact I have lots of respect but that doesn't mean the state of their game and the lack of verbal support from them doesn't piss me off.
I know they are trying to fix the game, however they haven't even said anything about Save game compatibility, we are talking about a freaking 40 hour minimum game and people like me whom are trying to experience the whole game, possible unbroken it's more like about 150 hours (after all the constant restarting) I have spent only completing up to chapter 3, hell it's not like I am not trying after putting in that much time.
All they have to do is say something like "We are trying our best to make Saves compatible so our fans aren't losing 30 hours of their game", but nothing I have seen.
Maybe these guys are like PB not comfortable speaking English and that's fine, disappointing but fine, they could get fans or game testers to make post for them if that's the case.

I still say currently it's close to equal time of gameplay and loading 50/50 and that's damn painful many of the quest are still in a beta state and my personal analysis is The Witcher is a great game, that needs more work and if they are having trouble with scheduling time or getting a patch out, they need to ask the fans for help.

Hehe, it's sort of funny I probably could have completed every quest in 2W in 150 hours and then maybe patch 1.3 would have been out.
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