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November 27th, 2007, 15:22
Professional reviews are in a very sorry state right now, one has only to note the discrepancy between them and the general opinion. It is a similar situation with the first days of cinema, hopefully it will eventually become better. As it is, professional reviewers fail to inform the public and when they decide to trash a game they do it for all the wrong reasons. In return, every gamer who has played more than one game never takes them seriously and statistics show that they hardly influence sales.

Take The Witcher for example, it is such a good game that not even Atari's bad localization has been able to bring it down. Last time I checked it was in the best seller list in both the UK and the USA with a minimum amount of hype and advertising, notwithstanding the mediocre scores and the poorly written reviews. Everywhere, both hardcores and casuals praise it, I have across many posts of players who were not into RPGs and yet got sucked into the game. A professional Hollywood screenwriter states that he doesn't normally post in gaming forums but in this case he had to, he says that he would have to work really hard to make a movie worthy of this game and that in other cases it is the other way round. Another player says that it is the first game he played that successfully pulls off branching plots. An action oriented player particularly enjoys the cinematic combat and begs for a yet harder difficulty mode to provide him with a challenge when he will replay the game for the nth time. And so on. Word of mouth. What a perfect way to expand the market, as opposed with making and hyping dumbed down games under the pretense that games have to be accessible for everyone; players are not idiots.

I usually attribute the poor quality of professional reviews due to the fact that the majority of internet gaming sites as well as gaming magazines function as extensions of the big publishers. Not so in this case. After reading this review, which consists solely of siting together the most idiotic criticisms found in the internet, it becomes apparent to everyone with basic reading skills that the reviewer is what they call a 'drama queen'. He seeks to capitalize on the game's success by bringing attention to himself and he does so in the least elegant manner. At least PC Gamer's review, uninformative as it were, was well written and somewhat funny to read. After the publishing of this review, the reviewer's credability has suddenly fallen to zero, making all of his comments on how long he's been playing RPGs or the game in particular irrelevant. My personal advice to him is to use a different name next time he decides to write something.
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