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November 27th, 2007, 14:40
Most of the bad things about Bioshock can be attributed to the constraints of the console format. Not so much in a technical sense, but in how the developers perceive the audience - which I'm not personally convinced is the correct perception.

Sure, some people who play console games prefer that there is a low level of challenge, and they'd rather have explosions than depth in the gameplay, but is it really the general attitude? I can't be sure, as I haven't conducted any significant research into the matter. But my gut feeling tells me that there is a significant part of the console audience that would like Bioshock more, even if it was half-way challenging and had more in the way of RPG features.

Regarding the travesty called Deus Ex: Invisible War, that game was destroyed by a combination of severe technical limitations AND the questionable decision to dumb down the game to fit its new audience. Removal of skills, universal ammo, overly simplified (and horrible) inventory, tiny levels, and so on.

In both cases Microsoft were heavily involved, specifically because of their desire to bring important titles to their Xbox consoles. This tells me that the reality is likely a big fat sack of cash bursting in the hands of MS to blind developers into sacrificing creative integrity for money.

An old and all too familiar tale.




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