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November 27th, 2007, 16:28
Originally Posted by Elwro View Post
One thing that puzzles me is the guy isn't even ashamed of the fact that he's writing the review after only playing the game for 10 hours. Some would call this sincerity; I'd say it's just insolence.
That is very common, but as Dhruin mentions it is really only acceptable when you are rushing for a Day of Release deadline.

I don't get paid for my reviews at any of the sites I deal with (other than a few thousand $$ of free games … most of which I wouldn't buy anyway … ) - but I do insist that I be allowed to complete games before reviewing. My time is important, but I only review games to share my views and insights with others and hopefully either encourage them to grab gems they might have missed or skip crap not worth buying.
-- Mike
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