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November 27th, 2007, 17:07
Originally Posted by JDR13
There's no need for me to give you the definition of an "outside producer", because that's not what he was.
Well to use your quote.
you're welcome to believe whatever you like
Outside is not part of the company, Looking Glass was a 2 room house if I recall correctly with the LG team in one room and the other was mostly used by the guys that would become Irrational, iirc.
So, if he was part of the company as a producer and NOT an outside producer where was his office?

Not necessary. Whatever your definition of "contributor" may be, or how it differs from mine, does not interest me in the least, you're welcome to believe whatever you like
Lol, ok, fine what did he contribute?

pox67, I am not sure if you can do this with Steam or how Steam really works, but it has really been fixed up by the many regulars at TTLG forums and now is in one consolidated file called DX-IW Texture Pack.exe and it's a 140 meg download.
It's now mostly been consolidated by JohnP but many like BlumenKohl and Koif, it really makes the game look much better, than original release, here's a link in case you can get it to work with Steam.

DArtagnan I feel the same in many ways, much is a matter of princple of what they did to their own IP and maybe it's better off in the hands of others.
Hopefully the new team cares enough to make it a worthy successor.
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