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November 27th, 2007, 20:06
Failure to compare like with like. Bioshock's graphics are praised in a vague manner. The Witcher is pulled up on some minor clipping issues, cast as indicative of an ugly game. This isn't the case, at least in my opinion.

The portrayal of women is intriguing. On the one hand there's some bawdy fun; with the outrageous suggestion that women might dare to enjoy sex too. On the other, depressingly matter-of-fact chatting between women regarding how badly their abusive husbands beat them.

I found it a refreshingly frank take on "olde worlde" gender roles; compared to the more "right-on" sanitised, contemporary-minded equality of other fantasy games. The rabid, fire and brimstone misogyny of the Reverend was nicely evocative.

As far as the idea that it is patronising and denigrates women that giving shiny, pretty things to them wins their favour (and rational men don't fall to such schemes) - men are cast as mercenary drunks who'll abandon their posts and the like for money, narcotics or plenty of hooch to ruin their minds and livers with.
I don't think either sex is unfairly vaunted or demonised here.
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