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November 27th, 2007, 22:02
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actually JDR the producer doesn't necessarily mean anything. it could mean lots of input, or little at all just money or a signiture. technically many things are producer by those who are no longer living but had something to do with it from its original conception to the final product.

Gallifrey you're not alone i think deus-ex 2 is one of the few great cyberpunk games out there. for me its more of the fact that there are so few of those games which i highly enjoy, rather than the fact that i can agree with most it was a meagre sequel with console problems.

Acleacius, my opinion on those type of games is that their lineage is console based in nature. action/adventure/3rd person have always had a number of notable games on the console and as is such, i'm glad to see them on the pc, and have franchises that have always been dual produced for the pc like tomb raider (even though 1-4 i played on ps).

the problem comes in with the hybrids with fps which have always been known to be better on the pc. deus ex, system shock, etc. not only are more than a shooter but they almost add an adventure element with story/interaction/puzzles with objects and character development from the rpg side. the only one of those elements that really benifits from console-minded gameplay is the interaction/adventure side. the best adventures are often light-hearted and certainly a turn off to hardcore fps fans or rpg fans. again though i think if done right the hybrids can be the best games as long as they don't try to appease to too many people. i think its far to unfair of people to expect what they like out of a hybrid to be the highest priority. the rpg fans lost out the most with deus ex 2, as well as everyone a little with some of the 'gimped' design choices. still it was a great game though to me. but again i like adventure games (not of the 1st person ala myst variety though).

i honestly believe though that deus ex 3 will be better than fallout 3. anyone else share that sentiment? this is based on a zero expectation model where all prior games in the series aren't accounted for in a basis of judgement. though along those lines deus ex 3 has much less to lose because of the lack of success of deus ex 2.
The quality of a game doesn't change based on expectations, and I find that attitude quite puzzling.

Sure, if you expect a lot from a game, you might be disappointed, but that doesn't change anything about the game itself. If we are to evaluate games, then we must strive to do it in an objective fashion, and we have to take things in context. Games don't exist in a vacuum and you can't ignore the legacy of a game, nor can you ignore established levels of quality in any genre.

At this point, we have next to zero knowledge of Deus Ex 3, so there's nothing to base a solid guess on. I have no idea what it will be like, but given my experience with the industry, 9 games out of 10 are seriously compromised in favor of what generates the greatest revenue. However, even in those cases there can be a chance of significant quality. Bioshock is such an example, and I found it to be a very good game overall, but it suffered horribly from not living up to its legacy.

Deus Ex 3 needs only to surpass the 2nd one, significantly, to win over most people - or so I think. However, if it doesn't AT LEAST try to outdo or match the first one, I won't cut it any slack and I see no reason why anyone should.

If you use a franchise, you better respect it, or you're simply being greedy and deserve nothing but contempt from the loyal fans.




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