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November 28th, 2007, 16:57
Yay for me! I got banned from the site too! Here was my post:

I completely agree with theorb and Brother None, who has been banned. I frequent another site in which Brother None makes very insightful and sensible posts. There was absolutley no reason to ban him from this discussion. That shows a completely hypocritical application of policies installed by the moderators - first ask for peoples' opinions on something and then ban them when they differ from yours.

This "review" was nothing in the sense of the word. It was extremely biased, as reflected by the attacks on issues that are prevelent in nearly every 3D game (e.g. clipping issues with blades of grass and such).

It was also clear that the reviewer does not have a clue as to why the game portrays characters the way it does… Medieval times WERE sexist, and portraying women the way it does is simply staying true to the times, fantasy world or not. I find it unprofessional for the reviewer to draw attention to this aspect without also mentioning the negative light the MEN of the game are cast in as well. As for Geralt being sexist, this is also unreasonable, as there are many situations in which he has the opportunity to SAVE women from those sort of characters.

The overall tone of this piece made it seem the reviewer has a personl vendetta against CDProjekt.
This entire affair, the review and even moreso, the way forum members are handled by the moderators, is completely unprofessional.

…Now, was that really so bad??

BTW that entire thread has now been locked because of so many people agreeing with what has been mentioned here and above.
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