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November 28th, 2007, 18:34
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No, they don't. They're immune to criticism. Their Fallout 3 preview and Fallout: From BIS to Bethesda pieces were also filled with factual inaccuracies and caused a way bigger shitstorm than this review (the Fallout 3 preview had more than 300 comments, almost all negative).

But as Russ Pitts put it "Or perhaps I ignore questions of my journalistic integrity because I'm confident enough in my qualifications and abilities to not need reassurance from the peanut gallery that I'm doing the right thing."

You see, he's better than you, he's better than me, and he doesn't need approval from the "peanut gallery".

One would think public accountability is a journalistic standard, even amongst gaming journalists. But hey, it's the Escapist, they're better than you.
When I read that in the thread on their forum (the quote from Russ Pitts) I was blown away by his arrogance.

One thing I've learned from reading this thread, and the one on the Escapist is that I will stay far, far away from that site. They obviously have no journalistic integrity, and if they insist on following their own rules of journalism, and care nothing for their readers… they are not a site for me.

I saw no good reason to ban you BN… I read your posts and you would not have been banned here.

Once again… proof and reason that this (RPG Watch) is the only site that I regularly visit for news and good forum conversation. This site (RPG Watch) is well moderated, filled with thoughtful, intelligent, passionate posters, and reports the news with proper integrity… and the reivews here are as good as any you will read in any professional mag.

We may not always agree here, and things may get heated… but 99% of the time nobody personally assaults anyone for their views… and you never get banned for having a valid view.

Just my 10 pennies…
May all your hits be crits!
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