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November 6th, 2006, 08:57
Originally Posted by slam23 View Post
@Jaz: Wow, you are sure one heck of a Heretic veteran! Can you play the game by heart like that guy who beat all 256 levels of Pac-man?
Yes, as far as Heretic is concerend, I know where everything and everybody is. I know the same for Hexen and Doom and most other old favorites as well… which makes them ideal for replaying for a quick fix.
Originally Posted by slam23
I probably have to take an A level in speaking console, because sadly half of the games you refer to in your post are at best known to me by name I was already getting exasperated by the sheer amount of PC games I still have to play!
Hmmm… did I speak about so many console games? Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy VII have PC ports just like Wolfenstein has a console port, for example (I have the Super Nintendo Wolf3D version, too), but at least Ehrgeiz and Unreal Championship are console only titles (and in case you wondered, Towers of Darkness is the name of a compilation consisting of Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Rider, Hexen and Deathkings of the Dark Citadel).
Originally Posted by slam23
Redguard action-platformer (remember that one? It was optimised for Voodoo cards…..bad investment)
I liked it. The only ES titles I didn't play were the handheld titles.
Originally Posted by slam23
And if Dark Messiah brings new life to the franchise and leads to a proper RPG again, far from me to complain obviously. It's all in the expectation factor anyway, if you expect a proper deep RPG you probably will get disappointed, if you expect a shooter and get some RPG to go with that, it's a pleasant surprise.
Little RPG elements(stats don't make an RPG, at least not for me), easy puzzles - think of it as an action adventure a la Tomb Raider. It's a nice and entertaining game so far, but it 's not as tough as, say, Hexen (which reviews compared it to).
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