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November 28th, 2007, 21:58
Choosing a dialogue option early hasn't interrupted an NPC for me yet. It waits until the other person is finished talking, then continues with your dialogue option so there is no pause in the conversation. I didn't know it was possible interrupt. Maybe it isn't, or was that something that was said by Bioware PR? Maybe it can happen in certain situations where it's intended.

Mass Effect blows Half-Life 2 and Bloodlines out of the water where facial animations and graphics are concerned. I thought, going on the videos I had seen that the lip syncing would be distracting, but it's pretty good. It's just that the faces look so good that anything less than life-like looks out of place.

It's not real-life-actor quality, of course, but I can lose myself in a good cut-scene. Just as a side-note: it's not just the faces that look good, but there is terrible texture pop-in because the game does not cache to HD.
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