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November 29th, 2007, 16:59
It's damn fun. You can download it and play just like it were the full version, your character just can't go beyond lvl 6 until you register.

It's got better combat than any other RPG-style game, and it is really, really good. Take the battle scenes from Braveheart or any other of that kind of movie, and plop yourself into them, that's basically what it's like.

It's RPG-lite in some senses, but it's still kind of old school; at the same time, it's as fun for a few-hour session as any other game could be, and it's got character-building and you can eventually conquer the world, so it's got some kind of lasting appeal to it. You build an army, ally yourself with kingdoms, fight a variety of enemies, there's battle tactics, you're the general of your whole army.

Really, it's freaking great.

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