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November 6th, 2006, 12:59
@Acleacius -- I disagree strongly about the voice acting. Thing is, the more you have of it, the more the actors get bored, and the more difficult it makes to tinker with the scripts as you go along. I'd much rather see lots of inspired writing than lots of uninspired voice acting. (One of the things I really hate about G3 is the flat-as-hell voice acting that you're forced to listen to.)

A little of it does spice up the game nicely, though. NWN2 has perhaps a hair *too* much of it, even: at best it's very well done, but some lines are noticeably wobbly. (Did anyone else have a "What the hell are Carth Onasi and Mission Vao doing here?" moment, btw, or is it just me?)
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