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November 29th, 2007, 22:59
Originally Posted by chamr View Post
Just discovered a rather cruel, and rather fun, little game for my assassin to play. When he's in a dungeon and facing a group of uglies, he snuffs all the lights, taking advantage of his hide in shadows, lures one of the uglies into a room (i think they follow you if they can hear you, even if they can't see you), and closes the door. Then it's just me, him, the dark, and one BIG AX! If one of my chops de-cloaks me, one move and he can't find me again. Poor bastard never stands a chance. When it's all over, I open the door and think, "NEXT!".
This technique works well in crowded rooms also. Had about five goblins in a room with me when the lights went out. Was no shortage of targets to hit whenever one wandered out of range. And once they figured out where I was all I'd have to do is step the to side and start all over again.
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