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November 30th, 2007, 22:46
I think it's just part of the trend towards media in general becoming more dark and sadistic (for lack of a better term atm) as time goes on. It's far easier to be negative and depressed than happy and positive. Music has become darker and more violent, as have movies and even television. Watch the old musicals from the 50's today, and theyre flat out sickeningly sweet, nothing could be made this day and age like that. Television was positive, movies were, there was always a happy ending a resolution, evil never won. Now it's often a question of who is less wrong. There's music now that absolutely wallows in despair like blues never did, and music that totally revels in evil and destruction. Believe me, I listen to some of it!

I think games are just another aspect of media that's continued downward.
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