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December 1st, 2007, 18:17
Well, I appologize in advance for a half-assed linkjob…but this guy has a lot of usefull info about dwarf fortress in his blog. He's the reason I got interested in it in the firtst place since I respect his opinions about games (one of the few reviewers who also hated deus ex:invisible war back when he wrote for gonegold.com).

You need to scroll down to September 7th (an inch or so from the bottom of the page) on this one and start from there:


He does a walkthrough/tutorial for the first part of the game over a few days, and there's plenty of posts with DF stories from various other people tossed in later…including some here (start almost at the bottom):


and there's also this:


There's a 2nd part to that interview but I'm entirely too hungover and lazy to look for it and link it…if you care you can find it yourself.

I'd imagine some of the tutorial stuff he wrote is outdated since the game has been updated at least once (twice I think) since then (I haven't played it in awhile) but it still might be useful.
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