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December 2nd, 2007, 06:21
Nay, thou nave.

I hate how somehow U3 gets lumped it with the previous II. Exodus was extremely innovative too. It not only introduced an excellent party system to CRPG's, there were adventure elements and a very tight story. Let's not forget sound! Mockingboard sound! Not just PC Speaker stuff.

It inspired clones and ripoffs such as Questron, Wasteland, Zelda, and Final Fantasy (the folks that made Questron atually purchased a license from poor Richard for it). While waiting for U4, U1 and U2 got an upgrade to U3 style graphics.

U4 took it to a new level - a paradigm shift in gaming. I acknowledge U4's accomplishments. U5 did not have a compelling story. U6, U7, and the UU's were unplayable with on hardware available at the time I'm sorry to say. By the time I got to play them they were just too dated.

And another thing, where's U3 and U4 on that IGN list?
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