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December 4th, 2007, 17:51
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I'm not really a MMO person, but got TR for review and am giving it a shot … but as I said elsewhere since my favorite genres are FPS and RPG it *should* have been a natural.
Ah thats the whole problem. MMOG is not RPG except for few elements like char development, limited dialogue with NPC, etc. "Quests" are more than often simplistic excuses to kill 5 rattlings and get their tails. Also there is no "big" story (they say LOTRO is exception to this but I havent played it yet).

Tabula rasa is not FPS either. You never had to target lock into a zombie in doom to shoot it with a boomstick. And there was no "autofire". Exception to this is hellgate in which actually does shoot like FPS. You can play it like regular shooter allthough on otherhand som dont consider it as a mmo due to the amount of instancing so its questionable whether it counts. Its more like guild wars than a real mmo. Not sure how to classify them - IMOG - instanced multiplayer online game.

Good RPGs usually have good story and interesting combat (action/tactical). MMOG has nothing of those except perhaps "tactical" combat if pressing buttons 1-9 in different patterns sounds like a fun strategy game. Its more like playing piano with one hand than anything tactical. Only few mmos/imos have tried to have good story/combat (LOTRO/HELLGATE). AFAIK tabula rasa (allthough it looks like a shooter) didnt even try.
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