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December 4th, 2007, 23:59
Spiderweb has sent out a newsletter covering the release of Avernum 5 for the Mac (Windows version in early March), some graphics problems for their backcatalogue with the new Leopard Mac OS and news that 2008 will see the last Geneforge title:
* Avernum 5 For Windows

Of course, we are also hard at work preparing Avernum 5 for our friends in the Windows world. We hope to have Avernum 5 for Windows available in early March, 2008.

* Macintosh Users Problems With Leopard

Alas, Leopard, the newest version of the Macintosh operating system, has caused quite a few problems. Some games have corrupted graphics (odd, horizontal lines of dots on the screen). Others don't work at all, especially on the newest MacBooks with the X3100 graphics chip.
Most of these problems are caused by Apple's very hasty abandonment of Quickdraw, the graphics system the Mac used since it was first introduced.

We know what is causing these problems, and we are working on fixes. However, for some of the older games, updating them to work on Leopard will be very time-consuming, since they were all written to use Quickdraw. We have to decide which ones are worth upgrading.

We will definitely update Avernum 4, Geneforge 4: Rebellion, Blades of Avernum, and Nethergate: Resurrection. Versions which are completely compatible with Leopard should be out before the end of December. If you need a new version, keep an eye on our web site.

* And What Is To Come?

After Avernum 5 for Windows, we will spend 2008 writing Geneforge 5, the final game in the Geneforge saga. We have begun piecing its storyline together, and we can promise Geneforge fans a truly unique journey.
More information.
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