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December 6th, 2007, 08:05
Acleacius, I also don't usually play coop. Maybe every once in a while I'll give Dungeon Lords a go with some friends and family but normally I don't.

As for what you said about sales, dude I'm not talking about sales. I don't know if it would sell better or not. All I know is that The Witcher and NWN:MOTB are great games because the developers did concentrate on making a hell of a story with TONS of replayability due to the fact that your actions in the game actually take you down different paths of the story. Like I said before, this is not easy to do. Have you tried programming that kind of detail in a game? If you have then good on you, but I know it's not easy to do and takes a lot of your time and resources just to acomplish this feat.

A developer can put a lot of his resources into making a great sp game or they can put their resources in making a great MP game. If they try to do both at the same time, two things seem to happen 1)They run out of time while devolping the game or 2) The game is mediocre, not a great SP game and not a great MP game or even worse it's a buggy mess with unfinished parts of the game(Dungeon Lords)

There is one example I haven't used, System Shock 2. They seemed to do it right, they first concentrated on making a game that was a blast to play and then added in the MP afterwords. Even though I've never played the MP portion of the game, I've read that many fans loved it.

Now, on the flip side, there is Mark of Chaos. I was looking foreward to this game since I first heard about it (I FINALLY get to play my favorite race) but I was a little let down by the game. It seemed unfinished to me. I don't know if it was because they were concentrating on both the SP and MP portions of the game while making it or other factors, but I'm positive that by trying to do both they ended up with a mediocre game.

So when I read that a developer is concentrating on just making a SP or even Multiplayer (though I wouldn't care about the latter) it gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside because there is hope that the game will be at least a little fun to play, that's not always the case but at least there's hope
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