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December 7th, 2007, 16:31
Originally Posted by NFLed View Post
When will people stop lambasting sites for overhyping a game? So they like it, so they like it a lot, and maybe you felt it was good not great or even poor. Well deal with it, sites overhype games it's what they do. Who cares. Read it or don't read it and take it all with many grains of salt.
Why shouldn't we lambaste gaming review sites for not doing their jobs like they are supposed to do? Their primary job is to inform us about what games we should be playing. They should also be able to accurately put into perspective whether a game is truly legendary or groundbreaking for its time. The gaming media as a whole consistently fails to do this and Bioshock is a striking example of this. To say that a game is "the best game ever made" is to say that ten years from now, people will still look back upon it as one of the best ever and as some kind of turning point in gaming history. Does anyone here think that ten years from now Bioshock will be ranked up with Mario 64, Halo, and Civilization as one of the all time greats? I don't.

One of the many wierd thoughts this article raised in my head was how very difficult it is to make a successor to a game with a passionate fanbase. Is it always going to be judged against nostalgic memories of an experience more than an actual game for those people no matter how the sequel turns out? Would an updated carbon-copy be better received?(I'm speaking in general, not about any specific game.)
Why do people always say this? The gaming industry constantly makes sequels and spiritual sequels to great games with rabid fan bases, and they do it with resounding success. They make more great games and satisfy those fan bases by adding some new elements here and there, removing stuff that didn't work, and emphasizing what did work. That's what Bungie does with each Halo game and, not surprisingly, that's why it gets bigger each time. It's not exactly rocket science. But with PC role playing games they simply strip out 50% of the gameplay regardless of whether or not it worked. Any fanbase would react negatively to this type of change, regardless of the genre or platform. PC gamers are thought of as elitist snobs but I guarantee you if Bungie made a Halo sequel with the same philsophy that is used to make PC RPG sequels nowdays then there would be riots in the streets.
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