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December 7th, 2007, 18:51
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My point being that a passionate fanbase really demands the same experience from the game they got initally--and I'm not implying that's wrong, but it does impose some restrictions on the developer--and thus if a sequel falls too far from the original premise and execution, it no longer has the qualities the fans are expecting, causing bitterness and rejection.

My question then becomes can a sequel or spiritual successor really break new ground without losing the original fanbase?

Ultima 7, Finally went from TB to Real time and it didn't bring me along with the ride. I hated it (I know I may recieve flak for this because a lot of people think that U7 was the end all of Ultimas) But to me the recipe from U3 - u6 was perfect. Keep the basic but improve on how the game is played. U3 - 5 had basically the same combat, same weapons sorta, and same baddies. Six a new kind of interface which was still turnbased if you wanted it to be. I liked this one almost as much as U5 maybe a bit more than U5 since the plot of the story was dealing with racial issues. When U7 came, I played and then left. I couldn't stand not being able to cast my spells in a TB environment.

Someone mentioned either in this thread or in another I just read about both vampire games bloodlines and redemption. Redemtion was an over the shoulder realtime game, bloodlines was FPS. Both were great even though I was skeptical at first of Bloodlines, I learned to love it and play it through 3 times to get all three endings.
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Then there is X-COM UFO Defense and terror from the deep. Those two were basically the same game just in different environments. The last one though X-COM Apolcalypse was definatly a different game. gone was the world and now all you had was a big city with mega corps. Gone was TB and in its place was something else, not sure what to call it but it wasn't exactly TB. Anyways I had a blast with all three, didn't matter they changed it a bit. I was really happy they got rid of those stinking aliens hiding in some dark corner for hours until you just happen upon them.

On the flip side of this debate there is KOTOR and KOTOR2. The only problem I had with KOTOR2 was that it wasn't finished. I loved everything else about it even though it was pretty much the same game just continuing the adventure. I wish they would do more of those. (Without the releasing the game too early thing )

Of course there are the Neverwinter nights games, Baldurs gates and Icewind dale. I play all of those to the end even though it was basically the same game engine. Then came Planescape Torment , THE BEST GAME EVER…. However it didn't do that well in sales, from what I hear. I thought there were more of us D&D nerds out there who would of snatched this sucker up to make it a huge hit but I guess I was wrong. Anyways even though it used the same engine, it was nothing like its predicessors.

The realms of arkania series at the end tried to break new ground, even though it was still basically the same combat system, they made the game seem new enough and interesting enough without breaking it too much.

Eye of Beholder 1 2 3. All same style, all great games, except 3.

Lands of lore 1 2 3. Different ways to play the game with each new one. Lands one was quite different from lands 2 and 3 unfortuantly I never got to play.

Now here is the grand daddy IMO of them all. Betrayal at Krondor to Return to Krondor (let's not mention that other game Sierra tried to pawn off on us shall we ) Those game will always go down in my list as the best games I've ever played and it's not just the fact that I love any of Fiests work. Even his more unknown works like Farie Tale, but these games had everything I wanted in a RPG not just stats and loot but a real plot with a real history to the game. The first BAK was quite different from their eventual sequel RTK. I could of played either type of game, they were just that good, though RTK was far too short or I just stayed up too late playing it

So there are times when a change in the gamestyle helps or hinders a game. If I had my choice I would tell the devs to make a great game and if it well recieved, then continue the story with the same engine (quicker production time) and then with the third installment go out on a limb and try to improve the game with a better engine.

Oh I almost forgot the GOLD boxes. They made tons of those and tried to venture out of the goldbox with some action games like that Dragonlance game (can't rememeber the name of it ) or Hillsfar, which imo were not as good as the good old Goldie.
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