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December 8th, 2007, 01:14
skavenhorde wrote:
So there are times when a change in the gamestyle helps or hinders a game. If I had my choice I would tell the devs to make a great game and if it well recieved, then continue the story with the same engine (quicker production time) and then with the third installment go out on a limb and try to improve the game with a better engine.
You've kind of hit on my personal theory of how to make a successful game: make it a great game first and know who you're making it for, rather than take a survey of ten thousand people playing all kinds of games and try to hit 99.625 % of all respondents tastes and desires.

Your examples--thanks for so many over such a broad range--seem to indicate that it's the actual quality of the sequel as much as anything else that makes the fanbase accept it. It can be a carbon copy, and if it's a good one, that will fly, or it can be innovative, but then it has to also be good enough that the fanbase can accept and enjoy the innovations, that is, actually do something better than in the original game. Makes sense.
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