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December 8th, 2007, 07:18
Originally Posted by JDR13
That would definitely boil down to personal preference and opinion.
Only if your giving your opinion, however it's possible to look at halo as a PC game to rationally/objectively compare it to great PC shooters where it doesn't come close at any level to being great. Well that might be too harsh, better to say it doesn't come close on most levels. It's possible to sight something like Responsiveness of the driving as good, mostly due to the fact that it seems necessary to make it responsive as possible for use with a controller, where as PC games will take away responsiveness and mobility to help balance game play as in UT10k.

If your opinion is halo is great, fine but like you said thats your opinion, if it satisfies you personally on some level, cool.

I have no problem with Mario64, never played it but I recall it being said that it did many innovative things but I am only going by memory and never played.
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