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December 8th, 2007, 19:20
part 2:

Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset:
- Fixed issue with non-human cloaks not displaying properly on NPCs in the toolset.
- Fixed issue with textures not displaying correctly in the toolset for community made creatures that use a phenotype of 10 or greater.
- Added a new Module "OnPlayerChat" event.
- Added new scripting commands:
object GetPCChatSpeaker();
string GetPCChatMessage();
int GetPCChatVolume();
void SetPCChatMessage(string sNewChatMessage="");
void SetPCChatVolume(int nTalkVolume=TALKVOLUME_TALK);
string GetDescription(object oObject, int bOriginalDescription=FALSE, int bIdentifiedDescription=TRUE);
void SetDescription(object oObject, string sNewDescription="", int bIdentifiedDescription=TRUE);
- Added a new starting position parameter to the FindSubString scripting command.
int FindSubString(string sString, string sSubString, int nStart=0);
- Increased the limit on the SetPhenoType() scripting command to 99.
- Fixed damage calculation for Eyeball familiar rays (x1_s1_eyebray.nss).
- Made CopyItemAndModify() scripting command work with both the old and new cloak systems.
- "Tymora's Smile" now works properly based on Harper levels (x0_s2_HarpSmile.nss).
- Negative Energy Burst is now properly capped at +20 damage based on caster level (nw_s0_negburst.nss)
- Blade Barrier now properly respects the Evasion and Improved Evasion feats (nw_s0_bladebara.nss, nw_s0_bladebarc.nss)
- Fixed hitpoints healed/damaged for the empowered "Healing Circle" spell (nw_s0_healcirc.nss).
- Cursed song no longer affects silenced creatures (X2_S2_CurseSong.nss).
- Changed the "Undeaths's Eternal Foe" AC bonus from a dodge bonus to a deflection bonus (x0_s0_udetfoe.nss).
- Fixed SR calculation in "Nature's Balance" when it affects more than one creature (NW_S0_NatureBal.NSS).
- Fixed dye script to work on the last color available (x2_s2_dyearmor.nss)
- Updated Get2DAString() scripting command 2da caching code to cache a number of 2das specified in an ini setting.
[Server Options]
2DA Cache Size=10
- Added new constant VFX_BEAM_DISINTEGRATE for use with EffectBeam()

2DA Changes:
- Amplify now requires a somatic component as per the spell description (spells.2da).
- The spell WarCry now requires a somatic component as per the spell description (spells.2da).
- Greater Sactuary now requires a somatic component, as per the spell description (spells.2da).
- Balagarn's Iron Horn now requires a somatic component, as per the spell description (spells.2da).
- Clarity/Scare/Lesser Dispel can now be cast as a stilled spell (spells.2da MetaMagic column updated).
- Greater Restoration can no longer be selected as an Extended Spell, as its duration is instantaneous (spells.2da).
- Removed reference to non-existant script NW_S0_MindFogC from VFX_Persistent.2da.
- Fixed row numbering in IPRP_SPELLCOST.2DA (there were duplicate rows numbered 199).
- Fixed the spell range for "Shadow Conjuration Darkness" (spells.2da).
Custom Content:
- Upped maximum number of tilesets allowed to 100
- Loadscreen row indexes past row 255 will now working properly in the game.
- The Read/Drink/Meditate/Worship/Sit/Fall Backwards/Fall Forwards radial menu icons no longer all use the ir_nod.tga (so that the community can properly override the images with custom content).
The script for Paladin summons aren't in and it doesn't appear that T'N'O tileset is from the description.

the TNO tiles would probably double its size.
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